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Immanuel formerly known as Hormezzyoung, one of Abuja’s fast rising gospel rapper finally drops the much anticipated song “The Power”.

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Immanuel – The Power
Immanuel – The Power
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The Power Lyrics

The Power
Pre song: Hello People of God I want you to know that if you have the power of God there’s no need to fear because 2 Timothy 1:7 says For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
Strange voices in my ears with so much unrest
Devil tryna scare me but no need to fear
Cuz if I rabababaeh na dem go regret
Cuz I’ve gat the power (gat the power)
In Jesus name (In Jesus name) 4times
I’ve gat the power in the blood in Jesus name.

  1. Living the life of a winner man,
    I’m powerful yeah call me superman
    Power of God in the spirit man
    Making me stronger than Jackie Chan
    Speaking in tongues and healing the sick
    Raising the dead and making them speak
    Demons dey bow their secret dey lick
    Stronger than them, they call me a freak
    Checking my stains, I’m cleaner than Jik
    Washed by his blood, I no fit dey stink
    Seven days, a week, My enemies weak
    Anytime I call my Jesus dey pick
    Lyrics on God, Get me a bic
    Or better still, get me the ink
    God is the plug, I gat no worries
    Plan bad for me, you gon be sorry
  2. I’ve gat the power in Jesus
    Arrows of death, e dey miss us
    Goodness and mercy dey follow us
    Cuz papa God no go shame us
    To get the power, you have to believe in the giver
    Yeah, I mean you have to become a believer
    Believe in Jesus, He’s not a deceiver
    Ask what you need, you gonna receive
    Look at me now, I’m soaring high, nothing is stopping me
    Holy Ghost power pouring like shower, it’s overflowing
    From glory to glory, that is my story
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah extraordinary!

Hook: If you know you’ve received the power, over sin and satan, join me as we move on this..

  1. Jesus is Lord, Jesus na oga
    Until your throne we dey rababa
    Kingdom of hell dey Japa japa
    In one way they come seven ways they scatter
    I preach through rap, I be gospel Rapper
    We taking over cuz we get the power

It’s either they shut up or they shutdown
They gats lock up or they lockdown
They wan Ctrl + Alt + Del but I’m indemnified
With the armor of God, I’m fortified
Like the promise of God, I’ve gat the fire
Even when I old, I no dey retire
Na heavenly race , so I no go tire
Knowing him the more is still my desire!

The end

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